Problem Solving Technique in Design

Problem Solving Techniques in Design, 16TS701.
Design and Stress Concentration Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade
Mechanical Department, K L (deemed to be University), Vaddeswaram.
Project Guide: Dr. G. Diwakar (Professor)
As there is growing need for the generation of renewable energy, wind energy proves to be
the most efficient and economical source. The design and stress analysis of a wind turbine
blade are very crucial for more effective outputs. The small-scale wind turbine blade was
focused on, considering the glass fiber reinforced plastic material. The aerofoil parameters [1]
and the blade geometrical parameters [2] are obtained and given as input in the modelling
software to obtain the desired profile. The profile is exported to the ANSYS software and
stress concentration analysis along with thermal stress analysis is performed. This analysis is
carried to compare the obtained computational values with the tensile strength of the material.
The safety of the blade under the obtained stresses is calculated along with the effectiveness
of the analysis model. The solution to the obtained analysis is also discussed.
Keywords: Stress Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, 3-D Modelling, Stress Concentration.
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