Scroll Saw Safety Rules

Scroll Saw Safety Rules
1. Always wear approved eye protection when using this
2. Set the pressure foot down against the stock before turning
on the power.
3. Before you turn on the scroll saw, be sure that the blade
tension is properly adjusted to keep the blade from bending
or breaking.
4. When cutting, do not have your hands directly in line with
the saw blade.
5. On early model scroll saws, you should hand turn the scroll
saw to be sure it is properly adjusted before turning on the
6. You must never try to clean scraps of material near the
moving blade with your fingers.
7. If small pieces get caught in the throat against the saw blade,
be sure to stop the machine before trying to remove them.
8. In stall new blades with the teeth of the blade pointing down
so the cutting action is towards the table of the scroll saw.