Safety Rules - Beachwood City Schools

Industrial Technology
General Safety
1. Never use power equipment unless authorized by your instructor.
2. You must wear safety glasses at all times when machines are in use.
3. Consider your clothing:
a. roll up your sleeves
b. tie long hair back
c. remove or tuck in ties
d. remove watches and jewelry around power tools
e. always wear safety glasses
4. Power equipment must not be operated while instructor is out of the room.
5. The person who is doing the cutting is the only person to turn the machine on and
6. Never make adjustments while equipment is running.
7. If anything seems wrong with the power equipment, shut it off and call your
8. No one should speak to or touch the operator of any machine.
9. Students using machines must not allow themselves to be distracted while
operating power equipment.
10. Power must be shut off after a machine has been used. Do not walk away until
the machine has come to a complete stop.
11. Horseplay is absolutely forbidden in the school shop.
Band Saw
1. Adjust the upper guide assembly so that it is 1/8 inch above the wood before
turning on the saw.
2. NEVER stand to the right of the blade while the band saw is in use.
3. Maintain a 2-inch margin of safety. This means that hands and fingers cannot be
closer than 2 inches from the blade.
4. Allow the saw to reach full speed before starting to cut.
5. Feed the saw only as fast as the saw will cut.
6. Plan your cuts to avoid backing out of curves.
7. If you hear a clicking noise, turn off the machine and notify the instructor. This
may indicate a crack in the blade.
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Unified Arts
Industrial Technology
1. Be sure that the wood is moved away from the blade before turning on the
2. Keep your fingers and your clothing away from the revolving cutter.
3. Always cut from right to left when using the router.
4. Before walking away from the router, make sure the motor has come to a
complete stop.
Drill Press
1. Material must be clamped to the table before being drilled unless it is securely
placed in a jig or fixture.
2. When setting up the drill press, be certain that the blade does not strike the
metal table. Use a back-up board under anything being drilled.
3. Always remove the chuck key after tightening or removing a drill bit or
Scroll Saw
Adjust the hold down so that it is touching the wood.
Maintain a 1” margin of safety.
Keep your thumbs and fingers out of the blade’s path.
Do not force material into the saw.
Saw outside your guidelines.
Do not cut materials over 3/4” thick.
Disc / Belt Sander
The disk and belt sander is used to sand convex curves and end grain only.
Maintain a 1” margin of safety.
Sand only on the left side of the disc.*
Do not force stock too hard against the abrasive material.
Keep wood moving side to side to prevent burning of material.
Do not remove material in excess of 1/8”.
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