Drawing Bohr models of AtomsName

Drawing Bohr models of Atoms
Bohr models are 2d representations of where the electrons in an atom are located. They are very effective for
imagining what is going on in the first 20 or so elements.
The first orbital in any atom can hold only 2 electrons. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th orbitals can hold a maximum of 8
electrons. When filling the orbitals, always fill the first (inside) orbital first and then move to the outside.
Remember that at the center of each atom you need to draw the nucleus and label it with how many protons
there are (in bohr models we don’t worry about the neutrons).
Using your periodic table in your book, draw the Bohr model for the following elements. Remember, the
atomic number shows you how many protons and electrons are in each atom. The number to the side of your
element represents the number of orbitals in that atom. We will do the first one together.
Lithium (2)
Hydrogen (1)
Nitrogen (2)
Neon (1)
Magnesium (3)
Sulfur (3)
Chlorine (3)
Argon (3)
Gallium (4)
Selenium (4)