CP Chemistry Chapter 4 Exam Review Sheet Name: Date: Note that

CP Chemistry
Chapter 4 Exam Review Sheet
Note that the 2 equations for light calculations and their constants will all be provided on the exam.
HW 10 is especially important to review for this exam.
A vocab list can be found on the top of the skeleton notes for this chapter.
Exam Format
10-15 multiple choice
7-8 definitions
8-10 short answer
1. Write electron configurations for the following:
a. C
b. Ne
c. Cl
d. Mn
e. Kr
f. Mo
g. Sb
2. Write the complete orbital notation for the element phosphorous. Be sure to label the orbitals
with an appropriate designation.
3. What shapes are the s, p and d orbitals? How are the 1s, 2s and 3s orbitals different?
4. What are the basic three rules that govern electron configurations? List each and define them.
Provide an example of the correct way to use each rule.
5. Answer the following:
a. How many electrons can be found on the fourth energy level: ________
b. How many sublevels are there are the 3rd energy level:________
c. How many electrons fit in 1 orbital:_______
d. How many electrons fit in the entire d sublevel:_______
e. How many electrons can fit on the 4th energy level:________
f. How many orbitals are there are the 2rd energy level:________
6. Calculate the following:
a. How much energy does a type of light with a frequency of 5.0 Hz have?
b. What is the wavelength of a type of light with a frequency of 10 kHz? (note that this is
kilohertz and not hertz!)
7. What is the Bohr model of the atom? Make a list of what is correct about this model and what
is incorrect.
8. Draw a picture of the quantum model of the atom. Explain the basic principles behind this
9. What is an electron configuration? Why are they important?
10. What is an analogy for the 4 quantum numbers? It may help to draw a picture to aid your
answer (use a different one than a hotel or a bus) . Be clear in giving a complete and accurate