BUS 5006: Foundations of Organizational Behavior

BUS 5006: Foundations of Organizational Behavior
Welcome to Foundations of Organizational Behavior online! The purpose of this course is for you to
master the basics in organizational behavior theory, which is a necessary foundation for coursework
in any Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The general pedagogical approach consists of
attaining basic knowledge in the following content areas of organizational behavior:
the individual in the organization—personality and values, perception and decision making, job
attitudes, and motivation (concepts and applications)
groups in the organization—group behavior, leadership, power and politics, conflict, and
the organization system—organizational culture.
See course description for an up‐to‐date list of materials.
Assignments and Grading
Pedagogical approach
For each lesson, you will read the assigned chapter in the Essentials of Organizational Behavior
textbook, review the lesson objectives, review the lesson notes and online links, and then be
quizzed on your understanding of each chapter and its associated materials. At the conclusion of the
course, there will be a proctored, closed‐book final examination. All quiz and exam questions are
true‐false or multiple‐choice.
Quizzes (50 percent)
There will be ten timed quizzes for the course (one for each lesson), and they will account for 50
percent of your final grade. You will have two minutes to complete each quiz, which will consist of
five multiple‐choice and true‐false questions. The quizzes are administered through the Quizzes
section of the Sakai site.
Final Exam (50 percent)
The final exam will be cumulative and account for 50 percent of your final grade. It will be a
proctored closed‐book and closed‐notes exam with a one‐hour time limit. No use of technology is
allowed—no computers, cell phones, calculators, and so on. You cannot exceed the one‐hour time
limit for the exam. The final exam will not repeat any questions from the lesson quizzes. When
ready, you will need to schedule your final exam with the Self‐paced Courses office.
Grading scale
Grades will be assessed using an A, B, C, F grading scale:
69.99 and below
You are expected to adhere to the Honor Code in all of your work for this course.
Course Mechanics
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It is extremely important for you to save copies of any work you send to your instructor via email. If
your instructor doesn't receive your work, you must have a copy of the email with the attached file,
indicating the date sent, to prove that you submitted the assignment on time. It is your
responsibility to maintain copies of your sent emails, as there is no way to guarantee that any email
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messages. Some software automatically deletes messages one month after they have been sent;
others only save messages if they are filed in folders; others save messages received but not those
sent. You may need to send yourself a copy of your emailed assignment at the same time you send it
to your instructor, or you may need to print a copy of the email message and any attachments to
keep in your paper files. No matter how your system works, make sure you know how to save a copy
of all work that you submit to your instructor and that you save the copy for several months beyond
the end of the course.
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Other Questions
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a problem with Sakai, your Internet connection, your browser, and so on, contact the UNC
Help desk. Help is available twenty‐four hours a day, seven days a week.
the course material or your progress in the course, contact me (your instructor). Please
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Lesson 1
Personality and Values
Chapter 2
Lesson 2
Perception and Individual Decision Making
Chapter 3
Lesson 3
Job Attitudes
Chapter 4
Lesson 4
Motivation Concepts
Chapter 5
Lesson 5
Motivation: From Concepts to Applications
Chapter 6
Lesson 6
Foundations of Group Behavior
Chapter 8
Lesson 7
Chapter 11
Lesson 8
Power and Politics
Chapter 12
Lesson 9
Conflict and Negotiation
Chapter 13
Lesson 10
Organizational Culture
Chapter 15
Final Exam
Schedule your final exam with the Self‐paced Courses office.
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and expectations.
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