Stat 415 Statistical Quality Control and Reliability

Stat 540 Statistical Research Methods I
University of South Alabama
Fall 2008
Section: 101
Time: TR 2.00-3.15pm
Room: ILB 350
Instructor: Nutan Mishra, Ph.D.
Office: ILB 313
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 460-7335
Office Hours: TR 12.00-2.00pm or by appointment
Required Material
Text Book: Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences, 8th edition
W.W. Daniel, Wiley.
To introduce different probability models, estimation techniques, testing techniques,
Design techniques, Analysis tools and applications of these techniques.
Course Outline:
Introduction to the descriptive measure of statistics, introduction to concepts of
probability, important discrete and continuous probability distributions. The two major
techniques of estimation: point and interval. Introduction and applications of hypothesis
testing for one sample, two sample, and multi sample tests. Fitting a model to given data
set. Design and Analysis techniques for Epidemiologic studies. An introduction to
Statistical Quality Control
Grading Policy:
Test 1
Test 2
Final Exam 15%
25% (work on your own, plagiarism will be informed to the Dean of
Grading scale: 0 – 59 F;
60 – 69 D;
70 – 79 C;
80 – 89 B; 90 – 100 A.
(Work on your own, plagiarism is not encouraged, Give proper references for the
borrowed material)
Attendance Policy:
Strongly recommended to have full attendance as to not miss covered material and pop
quizzes. It is student’s responsibility to obtain all class materials and notes from any
missed class. All the quizzes are based on class discussions.
Note: Please see your instructor or Chair (Carter) before dropping this course.
If you have a specific disability that qualifies you for academic accommodations,
please notify me and provide certification from the office of Special Student Services.
This office is directed by Ms. Andrea Agnew and is located in the Student Center,
Room 270, Phone 460-7212.
Students will be notified in writing in case of any changes to the syllabus or exam