MCCS Exceptional Family Member Program Respite Care Program

MCCS Exceptional Family Member Program
Quantico, Virginia
Respite Care Program
“Statement of Understanding”
By initialing the following statements, I indicate my understanding of the following:
____I understand that the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care Program is
intended to reduce stress on sponsor families by providing temporary rest periods for family members
who care for those who have special needs.
____I understand that the respite care is a reimbursement program and the established reimbursed rate
may not cover costs expended by the family and therefore should be considered as a subsidy for care
and not an entitlement.
____I understand, in order to be eligible for the EFMP Respite Care Program, I must have a family
member enrolled in the EFMP per eligibility and enrollment criteria in Marine Corps Order 1754.4B.
____ I understand, in order to remain eligible for the EFMP Respite Care Program, my family member’s
EFMP enrollment must remain current. Enrollment updates are required every 3 years or if my family
member’s condition changes. If updates are not current, any costs incurred by the family during the time
of ineligibility will not be reimbursed.
___I verify that my family member, who is receiving respite care, resides full-time at my current location.
____I understand, to utilize the EFMP Respite Care Program, I need to complete & return my application
for approval by the EFMP manager, complete the orientation class, and sign the “Statement of
Understanding”. Upon acceptance into the program, I will receive a notification letter that includes the
date of application approval, level of need for each eligible family member, and my family’s hourly
reimbursement rate for care.
____ I understand that the reimbursement rate is based on a formula determined by DC, M&RA using the
MCB Quantico’s Child Development Center hourly drop-in rate. Each family member enrolled in the
EFMP will be assigned a level of need between one and four that is determined by the documentations
received by the medical screeners at HQMC EFMP during the initial or updated review for EFMP
enrollment. Quantico’s EFMP Manager will determine the family’s hourly rate according to the number of
family members enrolled in the program and age-typical sibling(s)/children under the age of 12 years old
residing in the home.
____I understand that my EFM situation may change and can require a change in identified level. DC,
M&RA (MRY-1) will make level changes when requested by Quantico’s EFMP Manger using an
evidence-based process. An enrollment update or additional information may be required to approve a
change in the respite level.
____ I understand that I am eligible to receive a maximum of 40 clocked respite care hours per calendar
month for my family. The respite care hours will not be utilized for medical, long term care or custodial
care for adults. Long term care is noted as service for more than 6 hours consecutively.
_____ I understand that respite care hours will not be used to supplement, augment or substitute
traditional childcare for work or attending school.
____I understand that other respite care programs funded by state and local agencies, other than the
Armed Services, shall not be counted against the EFMP respite care hours.
____I understand that I will receive respite reimbursement rate at an hourly cost designed to include agetypical siblings who are not enrolled in the EFMP and who are 12 years old and under if needed. Hour
counts do not vary if more than one child is supported. My child enrolled in EFMP must be utilizing
respite care to include their sibling(s).
____ I understand EFM adults can use respite hours for care of age-typical children under 12 years old.
____I understand EFM adults that are eligible for level of need four respite care, may utilize direct respite
care services.
____ I am responsible for interviewing, hiring, and making the direct payments to the respite care
provider. I understand the providers may be a family member, friend, or professional that meets the
state’s legal age guidelines for respite care providers. If my family member has a level of need of 3 or 4, I
understand the provider’s age will need to be over 18 years old.
____ I understand if my family member is eligible for level of need three, I must hire a provider who is
CPR trained and able to provide my family member(s) with a safe environment during respite care
periods. A copy of their CPR certification with a written statement that I have trained the provider is
required to be on file at the EFMP office.
____ I understand if my family member is eligible for level of need four, I must hire a licensed
professional, such as but not limited to, a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse, in order to be
reimbursed at level four reimbursement rates. I must provide a copy of licensure to the EFMP office.
However, if I desire, I may hire a level three qualified provider and be reimbursed at level three rates.
____I understand if the providers do not present adequate documentation of skill requirement for level
three and four, they are reimbursed at the appropriate lower level for one reporting period (30 days) and
may not be eligible to participate in the program after notification.
____ I understand that the respite care is typically provided in our home, at the provider’s house, or at a
drop-in childcare facility and not at a public location.
____I understand that respite care reimbursement does not include the provider performing household
chores other than providing meals or snacks as per parental direction.
____I understand that respite care reimbursement does not include providing transportation to or caring
for a family members at activities such as practices, rehearsals, clubs and etc.
_____I understand that respite care reimbursement does not include provider’s travel to my location,
transportation, per diem and other personal expenses, transportation of supplies, consumable materials
and equipment.
____ I understand I can obtain respite care vouchers from the Quantico EFMP office at 571-931-0524 or
downloading a copy from the Quantico MCCS website at
____I will maintain the Respite Care Voucher each time care is provided.
____I will complete one voucher per care provider per month and submit the voucher(s) for
reimbursement after care is provided each month. If I elect to delay reimbursement submissions for more
than 60 days, I will forfeit the reimbursement.
____I understand that the respite voucher will include my contact information and the name of all my
family members utilizing respite care with their EFM status, age, and level of need. I will complete the
respite voucher with the date of care, military time, total hours utilized, location of care, family members
cared for, total amount paid to provider, rate of established reimbursement, and total request of
reimbursement to sponsor. I will adjust the respite care reimbursement rates according to family members
accessing respite care services.
____ I understand if my respite care provider charges a different amount than the established respite
reimbursement rate, I will submit the lower rate for reimbursement.
___ I understand that my respite care provider will sign, date, and include the provider’s title on the
respite voucher to validate the hour’s utilized, family members accessing services, and rate of payment
received is true and accurate. The provider will also list their phone number, which the EFMP Manager
may use to randomly verify the voucher’s accuracy.
____ I or designee (w/Power of Attorney on file at EFMP office) will sign and date the respite voucher,
certifying the details contained within are accurate. If I correct any misprints on the original voucher, I or
designee will initial those changes.
____ I will notify the EFMP office with any changes in personal information (i.e., address, phone numbers,
level 3 or 4 care provider, etc.).
____ I will fax, mail, email, or bring the completed and signed voucher to the EFMP office for processing.
Quantico MCCS Finance office has 30 business days to process the voucher.
____I understand that respite care reimbursement does not impact Leave & Earning Statement or Basic
Allowance for Housing and is not considered taxable income.
____I understand that during transfer to a new duty station, Quantico MCCS EFMP will pay for reimbursement until I checks into my new duty station. I understand that I will be responsible to apply for
the EFMP Respite Care Program at my new location.
____I understand that if I use the respite for any purpose other than those established I will not be
____ I understand that MCCS EFMP is not liable for any actions or negligence conducted by any member
of my family or the respite care providers I hire.
By signing this Statement of Understanding, I agree to the terms listed above when seeking
reimbursement through the Marine Corps Community Services Installation EFMP Respite Care
Program. I also understand the USMC EFMP retains the right to verify the provision of Respite
Care and legal recourse for fraudulent reporting will apply. If I am unclear as to any points
described above, I will seek clarification by calling the EFMP office before seeking reimbursement.
Sponsor Information:
Sponsor/Designee Name (Print)
Sponsor/Designee Signature
Signature of EFMP representative
In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579), this notice informs you of the
purpose for collection of information on this form. Please read it before completing the form.
Authority: 10 U.S.C. 5013; 10 U.S.C. 5041; MCO 1754.4, Exceptional Family Member Program and E.O.
9397 (SSN). Principal Purpose: To manage services provided under the Exceptional Family Member
Program. Collected information will be filed pursuant to the Privacy Act System of Records Notice
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