Clients feedback on our service

Star the Sea
Respite Cottage
What is flexible respite?
Providing Flexible and responsive services to Carers is something Calvary does well.
Often emergency or unplanned respite is requested when Carers are experiencing
extreme stress, and require a short term break from their caring roles, we are able to
assist with many forms of respite to ensure both Carer and care recipient is achieving
goals and meaningful outcomes
Our service displays innovation through delivery of services in a variety of settings:
Day cottage based respite
Overnight cottage based respite
In home respite
Individual outings
Group outings- such as Fishing- Bunnings sessions
Community based overnight group respite
Times and days are mutually agreed upon, and can be short or long term
The Respite service that Calvary Community Care provides is based on the carer and care
recipients care needs using a holistic approach. Every client has a unique journey and as
such has specific needs and goals.
Feedback letter from Carer:
Poem from care recipient:
Clients feedback on our service
At Calvary we encourage all forms of feedback from our clients and consumers,
as this is a building block for excellence in care.
We survey all clients every 2 years, and also following our overnight community
group respites
The next slide is a genuine letter of feedback received from one carer.
Also a poem which was written by a current care recipient.
Challenges that we face
Whilst providing carers with a much deserved break we face many types of challenges. Listed are a
few of the day to day challenges.
Space- while we strive to provide a home like environment, with the increase on demand for
assistance comes a challenge to provide the care recipient with the required space to be engaged in a
range of activities throughout the day that promotes independence and a sense of achievement
Transport- Trying to assist carers with transport of their loved one to and from the service is
problematic when the demand exceeds the availability of Support staff and budgetary constraints
An ageing workforce- While many of our staff are committed to providing quality care and continuity
to our clients, unfortunately many are reducing their availability of days per week
Ensuring that the funding dollar meets the demand. By far the largest challenge as we are living
longer and clients wish to stay at home longer. Our service has had increased demand for service, and
as such we have created a waiting list for all services.
Providing care to our clients at Star of The Sea ignites a passion within many of the staff.
We are able to identify the difference the care and interaction makes to both Carer and
care recipients. This is evident daily , as is due to the careful programming that occurs
ensuring each care recipient is given pleasure and a sense of achievement when activities
are completed.
.Every client that receives respite at Star of the Sea has independence promoted, and we
focus on what they can do rather than what they struggle to do.
Carers feel confident that they can continue being an active member of the community,
whilst their loved one is being cared for in a stimulating safe environment.
Our vision along with Calvary is to excel at the care we provide
and to continually look for ways to improve what we do. To also
ensure every client feels valued and happy in the time they spend
with us.
Star Of The Sea Respite Cottage - 2 Cedar Grove Forster NSW 2428
Chiara Respite Cottage- 3 Gosforth Grove Lakelands NSW 2282
St Lukes Social Centre – 77 Dawson St Cooks Hill NSW 2300
Bluebell Cottage – 50 Brookong Ave Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Calvary Respite Cottage – 18 Frome St Port Augusta SA 5700