Ancient Greece / Rome Critical Thinking Questions

Ancient Greece / Rome Critical Thinking Questions 1.) Explain the concept of Ethos as it pertains to music and give a detailed example of how this concept has affected your life. 2.) Based upon your life experiences, do you think it is possible that Aristotle’s concept of Imitation, as pertains to Ethos, has any merit? Thoroughly justify your answer. Use well described examples and analyze them thoughtfully. 3.) Thoroughly compare and contrast contemporary, mainstream, American views on music education with Plato’s. Consider methods, prominence, classification, etc. 4.) In our next unit we will learn how churches and monasteries of the middle ages had a virtual monopoly on reading, writing, and education for centuries after the fall of Rome. Google the Greek philosopher Democritus. Explain why you think the works of Plato and Aristotle were much more widely preserved and distributed by the monks and clergy of the Middle Ages than those of Democritus. In a separate paragraph, explain what the implications of this trend might be for the study of music from Ancient Rome and Greece. 5.) Compare and Contrast the relationship between poetry and music in Ancient Greece and in the modern Hip­Hop/Rap scene. Use specific musical/textual examples from both periods. You may choose your hip­hop examples. Cite them with title, artist, and year of release. To the best of your ability, try to avoid excessive foul language, though I understand that within this genre complete avoidance is impossible. Handle language as an academic. I will not listen to or evaluate examples that are lacking in intellectual content. I will not listen to or evaluate examples that misogynistic. If you encounter curse words, especially, the “N” word in an intellectual context, please do not re­print. Use #(*%(*#$. I will get the point. Hip­Hop/Rap is a very diverse field with some artists putting out very high quality content. Choose wisely. If you would prefer, for any reason, you may complete question 5 using the music of the mid­20th century folk revival (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell) instead. See me for details.