Kurtis Kuypers English 1301 Ms.Deezy 31 October 31, 2013 Music

Kurtis Kuypers
English 1301
31 October 31, 2013
Music representing cultural/racial identity
Music can shape a person mind and identity
Introduction+Hook- Music is one of the key elements on how a culture is
shaped. Your identity can also be shaped through the music you listen to; it
affects or the way we act, dress, treat others/authority and even influences
your emotions. Music plays an important role in society since it can often
shape an entire generation. Music is everywhere you, it is in nature, your car,
stores, movies, and thanks to the iPhone many people have easily over one
thousands records at the tip of their finder. Since music is everywhere in life,
it affects everyone, so it is important to make sure that everyone is getting a
positive message from the music, unlike the very negatives messages rap
music sends.
Culture and music-People often think that a particular genre of music belongs to a certain
culture or race, often it is where the music originated from. This not true; music is
international language, which means it is to be shared with all regardless of race or
Music stereotype-This is a common stereotype, a white male that listens to rap may be
viewed as a ganger or thug, and in reality he just listens because him enjoys the beats.
Another may be a person who enjoys scream-o or hard rock, maybe viewed as unhappy
satanic worshiper but this music is literally pleasure to their ears.
The chill you get while listening to your favorite song is actually your brain rewarding
yourself with pleasurable dopamine, a naturally rewarding stimuli just like food and
History of American music-Music is pop culture, and a new type of genre is develops
about every decade. Here are the different genres made popular in the last century in the
United States: 1910’s had ballroom, the roaring 20’s where the jazz decade, the 30’ swing
music became popular, the 40’s evolved into rhythm and blues, the 50’s had the birth of
rock n’ roll, the 60’s Beatles, the 70’s were the disco days, 80’s new wave, punk and
emergence of hip hop, 90’s grunge and rhymes and blues, 2000’s Pop and hip hop,
2010’s dub step and hip-hop. (paraphrased from thegaurdain)
Issue1-The issue first occurred in the 50’s with the emergence of a new type of music,
rock n roll. When Elis first appeared on the Mur Griffin show many thought his style was
vulgar and inappropriate, to this generation, whom never heard or seen anything like this
before. Rock n roll music had such a substantial effect in shaping in the American rock
culture. Elvis was one of the most influential artists in helping shape pop culture into a
new direction.
Issue 2-Second issue rap and hip hop emerged in the 80’s with a lots of vulgar words,
illicit actives, no respect for authority or women.
Event that sparkedMajor Players- Musicians, artists and composers. Elvis, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Beatles,
rap artists
Issue in today society- The rap and hip hop music of today’s generation is sending
negative message to the youth. The majority of the songs are about doing drugs, illicit
actives and disrespecting women. These are the messages that our youth is receiving,
with everyone talking and singing about it, they that this is acceptable.
II. History Background information about your cultural issue.
*What info is necessary to include in your paper for someone who may not know much
about it.
*When did the issue become an issue?
*Was there an event(s) that sparked it?
*Who were the major players?
*What legislation has been passed or considered?
*Where does the issue stand in society now?
III. Character Movie /Exemplifies your cultural issue of choice
*How does this character(s) represent you issue?
* What mask do the characters wear?
*Why do they wear them? He wears a mask because it is normal not exceotale for a
young black male from the street to like country music and even write a song
*What is the difference between what is on the inside (the "real" self) vs. what is on the
outside (the perceived self)?
-The character whom resents this issue would be the younger brother of the police
officer. The mask that he wears is wore by many people. Music allows you to enter into
your own relaxing realm. People tend to like music that they can relate to in some way or
they enjoy it is about something they would like to portray. My character wear this mask
because he thinks that he will not be excepted by his friends for his taste in music. When
he realizes that he has a common interest with a white man, he takes his mask off.
IV. Affects on you
* How this issue affects you and other in your life.
* How have you seen this play in your/other lives?
* In what ways (personal story would be good here)?
V. Analyze
*How this issue is played out in society.
* In your opinion, does the movie accurately portray the realisty of your issue?
* How?
* If not, what is the difference between reality and Hollywood's take?
VI. Conclude your essay with some final thoughts.
* Where do we go from here?
*Do you see this issue changing in the future?
*What should/should not be done?
* Possible legislation?
* As always sum up points and restate thesis.