Vocabulary Mr. Sinkinson, p. ___ English 9 Vocabulary Workshop

Mr. Sinkinson, p. ___
English 9
Vocabulary Workshop
Recommended Unit Completion Procedures
1. Read the passage at beginning of the unit to begin to learn about the usage
of some of the words in the unit.
2. For each of the twenty words in the unit:
a. Assess your prior knowledge of the word.
b. Read the word and determine its correct pronunciation. (Use the
phonetic spelling below the word and the pronunciation key on page
6 of the book to help you with this.)
c. Read the definition(s) of the word.
d. Read the example sentence(s) to begin to understand how the word
is used. You may choose to write the word in the blank space in the
sentence to practice writing and spelling it.
e. Read any synonyms and/or antonyms listed for the word.
3. Complete the Synonyms section. Remember to look at both the definitions
and synonyms to find the answers.
5. Complete the Choosing the Right Word section. Remember to use
context clues.
6. Complete the Completing the Sentence section. Remember to use
context clues.
7. Complete the Vocabulary in Context section.
4. Complete the Antonyms section.
8. Study the words to prepare for the quiz. It is recommended that you study
some of the words each night throughout the time that you are preparing for
the quiz and that you do not wait until the night before the quiz to study all
the words at once. In addition, you are reminded that flash cards are
helpful to many students. Also, graphic organizers that may help you to
study are available on the class web site.