America Moves Toward War

America Moves Toward War
Below are several events that occurred in U.S. history which led to our increased
involvement in WWII. Your task is to create a timeline of these events.
Find out when each event occurred and write the date in the box to the
right. (They are not listed in order below, but most will be found on pages
534-535 and 550-557.)
Put the events in order by ranking them 1-13 in the box to the left.
Create your timeline of events on the back of this paper.
Beside each event on the timeline provide a brief description of the event
including why it was significant.
***Many of these events occurred in the same year, so make sure you are checking the
month and date to put them in the correct order.
“All aid short of war”
1940 election
Atlantic charter
“cash and carry”
German wolfpacks/U-boats
Greer, Pink Star, Kerany, Ruben James
Hitler invades the Soviet Union
Japanese trade embargo
Lend-Lease Act
Neutrality Acts
Pearl Harbor
Selective Training and Service Act
Tripartite Pact
On the back of this paper, write a paragraph defending (agreeing with) or opposing
(disagreeing with) the following statement:
America was neutral during WWII, before
the attack on Pearl Harbor.
America Moves Toward War Timeline
Event (include date)
Homework Question Answer (attach additional paper if necessary):