Study Guide for the Native American and Explorers Test on

Study Guide for the Native American and Explorers Test ______________________
What to Study:
Study the vocabulary words that have been given out. Study the flashcards, quiz yourself, and go
on my website to be connected to to play some vocabulary games
The Regions Map on page ____ should be reviewed. 12 questions will come out of this set of
information!! You will get to see the map on the test of the regions but you need to know what
facts we learned about each region
Study the timeline on page _____ and re-read the notes on page ____. You will need to know the
timeline of exploration of the Americas
You will have 15 multiple choice questions that will be taken from the various notes from this unit.
You should re-read over the Culture notes, the Explorer Notes, the timeline, AND the following
facts about the countries that explored…
1. Spain wanted to find the 3 G’s, GOD, GLORY, and GOLD
2. England was NOT successful with its overall exploring
3. France wanted to grade for FUR and they were FRIENDLY with many natives
4. Ferdinand Magellan was the first to CIRCUMNAVIGATE the globe
How the
test will look:
15 Vocabulary words, matching
5 points for putting timeline in order
12 Regional map questions
15 multiple choice questions
5 reading comprehension question
TOTAL is 52 questions
Notes Packet due ______________________
 Go through and make sure you have pages complete that we have worked on in class and for
Homework packets are due Wednesday, October 26th
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