Cell Theory Timeline (Flow Chart)
Directions: On a piece of paper create a timeline (flow map) that
shows the contributions to the cell theory. (Hint: Use pages 61-62
in your textbook)
1. Create a timeline title
2. List all major contributors to the discovery of cells.
Robert Hooke
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
Matthias Schleiden
Theodore Schwann
Rudolf Virchow
Modern Day Cell Theory
3. Include
a. a short, correct statement about the contribution
b. drawing under each contributor telling what each person
contributed to the modern day cell theory
c. and the date.
4. The timeline must be neatly colored.
5. At the end of the timeline you must list the 3 parts to the
modern day cell theory.
6. Don't forget to put your name and class hour on your timeline.

Cell Theory Timeline Instructions