To enter the appropriate website, Google: National Geographic Pearl Harbor and choose the
second option. You are looking at an interactive attack map.
1. What caused the tensions between the US and Japan?
After CLICKING on BEGIN, navigate the screen by CLICKING on the small map on the
upper left corner. CLICKING on + and - controls the zoom.
2. After examining the map of Pearl Harbor, explain how it can be said that the navy’s
ships were “bottled up” in the Harbor.
3. What protected the entrance to the Harbor from an underwater attack?
4. Take a moment to navigate around the Harbor, what was the name of the Island that
had the battleships docked around it? ______________________ . Zoom in and
look around. Why do you think would attacking this area be appealing to the
5. Using the timeline positioned along the bottom of the screen, slide your cursor along
and identify the 2 missed opportunities the US had to sound a warning before the
attack began at 0755 hours.
6. Use the timeline to figure out what time the Japanese pilots lifted off of the carriers.
7. To answer the following questions, CLICK on the button located at 0610 hours and
CLICK on full story.
a. How many Japanese planes were involved on the attack on Dec. 7th?
b. What unusual navigation tools were the Japanese able to use to hone in on
8. Now CLICK on “0755 Hours Japanese Planes Strike” Please choose any one of the
battleships to read more and CLICK on the ship’s name. Now choose one of the
veterans’s first hand accounts to read. After reading it, summarize its contents below.
9. Now use the timeline again when did the Japanese attack finally end?
10. Please CLICK in the timeline button located at 1000 hours. Read the details and
explain why the Japanese did not continue the attack any longer.
11. How many Japanese were lost in the attack?
12. Use the timeline and locate 1030 hours. The hospitals were filling up, what was the
ultimate US death toll? CLICK on the “fully story” and choose one of the veteran’s
first hand account to read. After reading it, summarize its contents below.
13. Leave this site and Google “The Ship That Weeps For Her Dead”. Choose the
America in WWII website.
a. Why is the fate of the USS Arizona so tragic?
b. What are the “Black Tears of the Arizona”?
14. Using Google, locate and read FDR’s War message to Congress dated December 8,
1941. What does FDR highlight over and over about the attack the Japanese carried
15. How does FDR attempt to get the nation willing to accept the terrible conflict that lied
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