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Barney Lemonjello
Period 8
Tower of London
Thesis – During its time as a stronghold, the Tower of London played an important role
in English history and the lives of Britain’s monarchs.
I. Early History
A. 1066 – William the Conqueror
B. White Tower
1. Size and fortifications
2. Commission and dates
C. Medieval London
1. London Bridge and Palace walls
2. Location of TOL relative to city
II. Historical Significance
A. St. John’s Chapel
B. Edward I’s palace
C. Royal events and other uses
1. Coronation of Edward IV
2. Richard’s renunciation of the crown
3. Edward I stores paper and part of Royal Mint
D. Defeats and captures
1. John’s attack
2. Richard II
E. Ravens
F. Crown Jewels
III. Construction through the Ages
A. Residential
1. Lodgings
2. Wharf
B. Defenses
1. Monarchs that did defend it
a. Henry III
b. Richard I (the Lionheart)
2. Monarchs that didn’t defend it – Elizabeth I
IV. Prison and Executions
A. Prisoners
1. First prisoner
2. Political prisoners
a. Henry VIII – increased number of prisoners
b. Mary’s rivals and Protestants
B. Executions
1. Henry VIII’s people
2. Lady Jane Grey
3. Edward V and brother
4. Henry VI