Acids and Bases Homework Packet

The pH Scale: Homework Packet
1. What do the letters pH stand for?
2. What is the pH for a neutral solution (like distilled water)?
a) 0
b) 7
c) 14
3. What is the pH of a solution in which the hydrogen ion concentration is 1.0 × 10−6?
a) −6
b) 6
c) −8
d) 8
4. An acidic solution has a pH of:
a) 3 or 4
b) greater than 7
c) less than 7
d) between 6 and 8
6. As the pH of a solution increases, the acidity _____.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) varies unpredictably
7. How many times more acidic is a solution with a pH of 2 than one with a pH of 4?
a) twice as acidic
b) 4 times more acidic
c) 10 times more acidic
d) 20 times more acidic
e) 100 times more acidic
8. H+ ions are called hydrogen ions. OH- ions are called ______________ ions.
9. What is the difference between a strong base and a weak base?
a. Weak bases have a low concentration of OH ions and a high concentration of H+ ions
b. Weak bases have a low concentration of H+ ions but a high concentration of OH- ions
c. Weak bases have a low concentration of both H+ ions and OH- ions
10. Do acids or bases turn red litmus paper blue?_________
11. A substance is considered a base if it has a value in which range of the pH scale?
a. >0 but <7
b. >7
c. >14
12. What acidic compound is leading to the ocean’s increase in acidity? __________________
13. How many protons does an H+ ion have? _____ How many electrons does an H+ ion have?____
14. What is a hydronium ion? How might one be created?
15. When you combine an acid and a base, they “cancel each other out” to an extent. This is why you
swallow medicine that is basic if you have acid indigestion. The science term for this phenomenon (what
happens when the two meet) is called ______________________.
16. After each of the following statements, write ACID or BASE.
a. Can be corrosive
b. Can eat away at metal
c. Can taste bitter
d. Can feel slippery
e. Vinegar is an example
Bleach is an example
g. Gingerale is an example
h. Coffee is an example
Gatorade is an example
Baking soda is an example
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