3a. What is an acid? What is a base?

p. 44 A.Q. 3abc
p. 44 A.Q. 3abc
3a. What is an acid? What is a base?
3a. An acid is a compound that forms hydrogen (H+) ions in solution. A base
forms hydroxide ions (OH-) in solution.
3b. The acid hydrogen fluoride (HF) can be dissolved in pure water. Will the pH
of the solution be greater or less than 7?
3b. If an acid is dissolved in pure water, then the pH of the solution will be less
than 7.
3c. During exercise, many chemical changes occur in the body, including a drop
in blood pH, which can be very serious. How is the body able to cope with such
3c. A drop in blood pH is countered by chemical buffers such as bicarbonate and
phosphate ions.
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