2b. Solutions. Colloids. Suspensions NOTES

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Classifications of Matter NOTES
1. SOLUTIONS:___________________________________________________________________________
A solution is the product of a solvent and a solute. Solutes dissolve when added to solvents. The
components of a solution are atoms, ions, or molecules, which makes them 10-9 m or smaller in diameter.
Example: salt water
The salt is the ________________ & The water is the ________________
Example: coffee
The coffee is the ________________
The sugar is the ________________
Example: lemonade
The water is the ________________ &
The powered lemon is the ________________
Example: _______________ <- you think of one
The _______________is the solvet. & The _______________is the solute.
2. COLLOIDS:____________________________________________________________________________
Colliods are inbetween solutions and suspensions in terms of the size range of the particles that float
around in them. These particles range in size from 10-8 to 10-6 m in size and are termed colloidal particles
or colloids.
Examples: Latex Paint, Wood Stain, Soy Sauce
3. SUSPENSIONS:_________________________________________________________________________
____________________________________________________ The particles in suspensions are larger
than 10-6 m in size.
Examples: APPLE CIDER, ___________________, _____________________, ____________________
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