American Red Cross Newsletter June 4, 2015

Oregon Nurses Association
Bargaining Unit Newsletter
American Red Cross (ARC)
National Bargaining Update
June 4, 2015
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National Bargaining Update – Pages 1 - 2
Red Cross Union Coalition – Page 2
ONA ARC Officers
Rich App, RN
Vice President
DaSilva-Winterburn, LPN
Carolyne Kituyi, RN
Jackie Armovit, RN
Membership Chair
Lynn Sivaivai, LPN
Grievance Chair
Matt Clark, RN
Professional Nursing
Care Committee
(PNCC) Chair –
Ann Marie Kessi, RN
Michelle Clembury, RN
DaSilva-Winterburn, LPN
Barb Tucker, RN
Linda Wallace, RN
Labor Relations
Tresa Cavanaugh, JD
503-293-0011, ext. 312.
[email protected]
Oregon Nurses Association
18765 SW Boones Ferry Road Suite
200, Tualatn OR 97062
1-800-634-3552 within Oregon
National Red Cross
Negotiations Begin
Leaders from our eight unions of the Red Cross
Union Coalition met with National Red Cross (ARC)
in Washington DC and reached an agreement to
formally enter into national negotiations on some joint
issues. This has been an involved process to begin
negotiations because this is a significant step and we
want to cover all details of what this means for every
local union at the table.
ONA Labor Representative
Pat Sheridan Walker is
leaving ONA as of June 12.
She has enjoyed working
with all the nurses at the
ARC and wishes everyone
a fulfilling career.
Rich App is temporarily
covering for issues that
may arise – thank you Rich!
Questions and Answers
Who will bargain the national
Who will ratify a national
agreement? If the National
Local and national leaders of the
national unions covered by ARC will
form a Union Coalition National
Bargaining Committee. Local leaders
and members from each union will also
form a Bargaining Council and
Delegates Council to give local input
at negotiations.
Bargaining Committee reaches a
national tentative agreement, we will
bring it back to our local union
for a ratification vote consistent with
applicable local and national bylaws
and constitution. We may need a certain
number of other local unions to ratify
the national agreement in order for it
to go into effect.
What Issues will be
The National Bargaining Committee will
advocate for important issues that
impact all of us. We will come to an
agreement with ARC to identify which
issues to negotiate on a national level.
At this time, we have identified some
issues including health care and
benefits, wages, staffing, and scheduling
to negotiate on a national level.
What will happen to our local
If our local and a certain number of other
locals vote to ratify the national
agreement, we will adopt all the terms of
the national agreement as an addendum
or addition to our local contract. If issues
are not covered in the national agreement,
we will keep the terms of our local
Page 2
Page 2 Red Cross National Bargaining Update
Questions and Answers Continued from page 1
What happens if we do not reach a
national agreement? If the National Bargaining
Committee does not reach an agreement, we will go
back to local contract negotiations. We will continue to
work with other Red Cross unions to support each other
and fight for strong local contracts.
Red Cross Union Coalition
We are committed to standing together to bargain a
involved to make these negotiations successful.
strong contract that will improve our wages and working Together we represent about 4,000 Red Cross union
conditions for all union Red Cross workers across the
workers across the country:
country. We need every member to stay engaged and
American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
Communication Workers of America
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
United Auto Workers (UAW)
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
United Steelworkers (USW)
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