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Purdue University Calumet
School of Technology
Course Syllabus
OLS 37800 - Labor Management Relations
Credits and Contact Hours:
3 credit hours, 3 contact
Instructor’s or Course Coordinator’s Name:
Carl Jenks
Text Book, Title, Author and Year:
Title: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, 9th edition; 2010.
Author: Carrell &
Introduction to the Course:
a. Catalog Description
An introduction to and overview of the fundamental concepts of labor relations,
collective bargaining, and dispute resolution procedures. A comparative analysis is used
to assess some of the legal economic and political structures of labor relations.
b. Prerequisites: OLS 25200
c. Selective Course
Specific Goals to the Course:
a. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Explain our present national labor relations policy. (a, j)
Analyze labor problems using appropriate labor laws. (a, c, f)
Apply appropriate labor laws to disciplinary situations. (a, c, f)
Explain procedures in grievance handling and collective bargaining. (a, c, f)
Compare appropriate and inappropriate discipline in the workplace. (a, c, f)
b. Student Outcomes
This course satisfies ABET Criterion a, c, f, j
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Course Delivery Methods (check all that apply):
□ Lecture
□ Laboratory
√ Online
√ Discussion groups
√ Projects
□ Other (explain)
Factors Used to Determine the Course Grade (check all that apply):
□ Quizzes
√ Exams
√ Homework
□ Papers
□ Lab Reports
√ Class participation
√ How final grade is determined – 3 timed on-line graded tests. The sum of the scores shall
constitute 100% of final grade unless basic course requirements are not met by their deadline
dates. Failing to post the Study Guide Questions before taking the test may result in a grade
penalty of up to 10% per day on the test grade
Brief List of Topics to be Covered:
History and Law
Challenges and Opportunities
Establishing a Bargaining Unit
Unfair Labor Practices
Negotiating an Agreement
Negotiation Models, Strategies, and Tactics
Wage and Salary Issues
Employee Benefits
Job Security and Seniority
Implementing the Collective Bargaining Agreement
Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
The Arbitration Process
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