William L Fader Medico Cirujano/Medical Surgeon 6846

William L Fader
Medico Cirujano/Medical Surgeon
6846 Spring Rose ୦ San Antonio, Texas 78249, (361) 816­7778
Preparatoria Lomas del Valle, Guadalajara Jalisco
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine
● Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social)
○ Hospital General de Zona 26 (Government Hospital)
○ Performing ECG's
Social Service
● Health Services of the State of Queretaro, MX
(Servicios de Salud del Estado de Querétaro)
○ Los Cues, Huimilpan
■ Primary Physician ­ In charge of diagnosis, treatment, follow up of patients and
reporting prevalence of specific illnesses
■ Unit Director ­ In charge of daily running of a small health facility, making sure biweekly
and monthly reports were filled and delivered to corresponding authorities.
■ Pharmacist, In charge of maintaining and organizing a pharmacy along with creating
■ Public Health Advisor ­ Monthly public health presentations and open forums with
members of the community, and visit to local school to discuss illness prevention
● Kid’s Clinic, Corpus Christi, TX
2005 ­ August 2013
Medical Assistant
○ Vaccine Verification, notation and Administration
○ Completion and submission of insurance forms
○ Sorting/Handling mail
○ Medical Records filing/updating/record­keeping
○ Assisting during physical examinations
○ Assisting surgical procedures
○ Obtaining Medical History and Physical Exam
○ Reviewing Patient Treatment and Workup
○ Maintaining treatment rooms
○ Sterilizing instruments
○ Obtaining vital signs
○ Lab procedures
○ Phone consults with parents and Pharmacists
○ Schedule Exams (CTs and Ultrasounds)
○ Updating Immtrac Texas Vaccine Registry
○ E­scripts
○ Lab Results
○ Suture Removal
Additional Skills and Interests
● Fluent Spanish
● Computer Assembly and Troubleshooting
● Software Troubleshooting
● Network Installation and Troubleshooting
● Video Editing and Directing
● Photo Editing
Graphic Design
Home theater installation