Dear Ms. Hunt, Your book, One for the Murphys, has changed my life

Dear Ms. Hunt,
Your book, One for the Murphys, has changed my life by causing
me to grow up. You know how there is your reasonable side and then
there is your more childish side – the side of you that is envious and
unappreciative? Well, your book exposed how much that part of me
governs my decisions and now I’m working to eliminate that part of
myself. I’m not saying I’m a saint – I’m farther from it than some
people realize – but now I try to figure out why I feel how I feel. The
hardships in your book prove to me that my life isn’t as hard as I
sometimes make it out to be. It’s really awesome, actually.
I don’t mean this offensively to you or your voice through Carley,
but sometimes when I feel sad I think, “It could be worse. I could
have Carley’s life. I should be thankful for that.” I suppose that is the
other thing your book changed about my outlook on my life and the
lives of others: everyone – myself definitely included – rarely
appreciates what they have and now I try to be thankful for a lot of
Your book also has some great messages, like acceptance is
gradually earned, new things can be scary (or fun), family is
important, sometimes it is okay to let your feelings show, and many
more. I don’t know if some of your story was based on reality but,
regardless, it had some parts that really hit home for me. Thank you
for letting me come face-to-face with parts of me I tend to purposely
ignore and helping enhance the good parts.
Audrey Rodriguez