“Personal Integrity is about setting standards and your choices

“Personal Integrity is about setting standards and your choices,
responsibilities, and commitments.”-Bill Russell
Life sends us down a road of uncertainty. it is quite obvious that we never really know
what comes next. There have been many moments in my life and I’m sure to come where I
expect one thing and in return encounter something I never imagined. Growing up we all face
many downfalls that can cause us to lose confidence in ourselves. Whether it’s not getting the
grade we thought we deserved, or the potential attraction of someone we like, or even a job we
believed we were best qualified for. Regardless what we thought could happen, it never exactly
worked out that way.
What I have discovered is regardless what the future holds; there are certain things in this
life we can’t neglect to admit. Those things are the personal feelings that we have with in. In my
opinion I believe the way I administer myself is how others view me in society. In order for
myself to feel confident and able to take on any situation in the world, I had to develop my own
personal integrity. I use it everyday in the decisions I make and the future I work on creating for
myself. The things I stand for number one is I live by the golden rule. Do on to others as you
want to be done to you. Other than that I’m straight edge, meaning I don’t drink, smoke, and I’m
not promiscuous. The morals I live by have helped me to be a better student in understanding my
place in the world and focusing on what is most important to me. Most of my friends like to hang
out and get drunk and look for other people to hook up with. That is no my idea of a good time. I
spend days reading about social issues and thinking how can I contribute to society. I am only
one person but often it isn’t the size of the person but the size of their heart.