Worksheet – Elements & Compounds

Classification of Matter Worksheet
• Explain the physical states of matter – solid, liquid, gas
• Classify substances as pure substances or mixtures and further identify:
o Pure substances – as elements or compounds
o Mixtures – as homogeneous or heterogeneous
• Identify the names and symbols of the elements
• Describe the properties of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids
• Relate chemical formulas to composition
• Identify physical and chemical properties & changes
1. Which state of matter ___________________
• consists of particles in regular, repeating, three dimensional geometrical patterns?
• has a definite volume but no definite shape?
• contains the greatest force of attraction between particles?
• Is composed of particles that have enough energy to completely overcome the attractive
forces between them?
2. Pure substance or mixture? If pure, is it an element or a compound? If mixture, homogeneous or
• Copper wire
• Air
• A bottle of salad dressing
• Rusty nail
• Glass of ice water
• Table salt
• Chocolate chip cookie batter
3. Metal, Nonmetal, or Metalloid?
• Shiny, hard material that conducts heat
• Lustrous, does not conduct electricity
• Liquid element
• An element that can be formed into a electric wire
• Soft solid that is a nonelectrolyte
4. Fill in the chart:
5. What is the composition of this compound
(describe the atoms involved)?
• NaBr
• C4H10
• Li2SO4
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6. Physical or chemical property?
• diamond is hard enough to cut class
• wood burns
• motor oil is difficult to wash out of clothing
• a shovel rusts if left outside
• silver is shiny
• milk will spoil if left out
7. Physical or chemical change?
• bread dough rises before baking
• when you put a cold object into flame of candle, the object will get covered with soot
• silver candlestick tarnishes over time (even if no candles are burned in it)
• bread crust becomes crispy & brown during baking
• fruit becomes soft during ripening process
• water evaporates from an open container
• tiles in shower coat with soap scum
1. solid, liquid, solid, gas
2. pure-element, mixturehomogeneous,
mixtureheterogeneous, purecompound, purecompound, mixtureheterogeneous
3. metal, metalloid, nonmetal,
metal, nonmetal
4. sulfur, iron, O, K
5. one atom of sodium bonded
to one atom of
bromine; 4 carbon
atoms bonded to 10
hydrogen atoms; 2
lithium atoms, 1 sulfur,
and 4 oxygen
combined in a
6. P, C, P, C, P, C
7. C, P, C, C, C, P, P
©2009 Dr S. Buktenica
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