Name Chapter 5 Exercise – Cardiovascular system Medical

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Chapter 5 Exercise – Cardiovascular system
Medical Terminology
1. What is difference between
a. a thrombus & an embolus?
b. ischemia and perfusion deficit?
c. an obstruction and an occlusion?
d. an artery and a vein?
e. angiostenosis & arteriostenosis?
f. palpation & palpitation
2. List & describe 3 procedures that would be considered percutaneous coronary interventions.
3. Give another term for
primary hypertensionleft ventricular failureright ventricular failure-
heart attack blood pressure cuff-
4. Starting at the right atrium, list in sequence all the chambers, valves and vessels that blood
passes through before returning to the right atrium.
5. List 4 drug categories that are antihypertensive and briefly explain how they work.
Replace the underlined phrases in the following chart note with the appropriate medical term.
(Modified from Fremgen & Frucht, 2 ed. )
CC: a 56 yo
was admitted to the CCU from the ER with left arm pain, severe pain around the
heart, an abnormally slow heartbeat, nausea, and vomiting.
Hx: Patient reports no heart problems prior to this episode. He has taken medication for high
blood pressure for the past 5 years. Both a father and brother died in their 50s from death
of heart muscle.
Signs&Symptoms: Patient reports severe pain around the heart that radiates into left jaw and
arm. A record of the heart’s electrical activity and a blood test to determine the amount of
heart damage were normal.
Dx: An acute death of heart muscle resulting from a blood clot in a coronary vessel.
Tx: First, provide supportive care during acute phase. Second evaluate heart damage by passing a
thin tube through a blood vessel into the heart to detect abnormalities and evaluate heart
fitness by having patient exercise on a treadmill. Finally, perform surgical intervention by
either inflating a balloon catheter to dilate a narrow vessel or by open heart surgery to
create a shunt around a blocked vessel.
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