Fall 2015
Quiz 2 Review
Mrs. Melissa Juren
History of Robotics
This history of robotics is intertwined with the histories of technology, science, and the basic principles
of progress. Technology used in computing, electricity, even pneumatics and hydraulics can all be considered a
part of the history of robotics. This timeline presented is therefore far from complete, but useful for the quiz!
Talos – Greek Times
Aristotle – 320 BC
Automata – 70 AD
Automatons –
Medieval Times
Leonardo Da Vinci 1495 AD
Mini Automatons –
18th Century
The term “Robot” –
1921 AD
The term “Robotics”1941 AD
Elmer and Elsie –
1948 AD
WABOT I – 1973 AD
Talos was a giant creature written about in ancient Greek literature – it was
either a man or a bull, made of bronze, had lead for blood, and was
commissioned by Zeus – it was supposedly created by Hephaestus and Zeus
gave it to King Minos, who might have put him at the heart of his labyrinth
Greek philosopher Aristotle made this quote – “If every tool, when ordered, or
even of its own accord, could do the work that befits it… then there would be no
need either of apprentices for the master workers or of slaves for the lords.”
A book written by the Hero of Alexandria that detailed inventions such as
primitive odometer, a wind-powered organ, and animated statues
Automatons, human-like figures run by hidden mechanisms, were used to
impress peasant worshippers in churn into believing in a higher power
Leonardo Da Vinci first sketched the plans for a humanoid robot
Miniature automatons became popular as toys for the very rich, and were made
to look like humans or small animals
The term robot is used in a play called “Rossum’s Universal Robots” – the plot
was about a man who created a robot to replace him, and the robot kills him
Science fiction author Issac Aasimov first used the term “robotics” to describe
the technology of robots and predicted the rise of a powerful robot industry
W. Grey Walter created his first robots, Elmer and Elsie, also known as the turtle
robots – they were capable of finding their charging station when their batteries
ran too low
Ichiro Kato created WABOT I which was the first full-scale anthropomorphic
robot in the world
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