Karel J. Robot Terms

KAREL J. ROBOT Programming Terms & Concepts
Robot - A mobile object that can carry out basic instructions in a 2 dimensional graphic world
Task - an action that the robot or object is asked to do
Situation – an exact description of what the world looks like (it’s current state)
Program – a detailed set of instructions
Object – things that perform actions and can store information (properties)
Variable – a representation using a name for an assigned value
Bug – an error in the programming code
Method – a set of instructions inside a class with a specific name
Message - a command or instruction sent to the robot to perform a task
Lexical Error - the program contains a word that is not in objects vocabulary
Syntax Error - caused by incorrect grammar or punctuation used in the program
Execution Error – an object cannot execute an instruction and is forced into a shutoff error
Intent Error – when the program successfully terminates but doesn’t complete the task
Class – a sort of blue print for objects that have the same basic traits or characteristics
This – a name that objects can refer to themselves as
Subclass – an extension of a parent class, with all the same basic capabilities/properties
Override – redefines a class or method: a new definition replaces the old definition
Extends – a subclass is created with all the properties of the old class
Stepwise Refinement – technique used for planning, implementing and analyzing programs
Precondition – a status check before an instruction is carried out to verify if it is true
Postcondition – a check after an instruction is carried out to see if the program should continue
Public – a variable or method can be used anywhere in the program
Private – a variable or method can only be used in within the defined class