“Survival Weekend” Packing List

“Survival Weekend” Packing List
Current CAPID (carried on person at all times)
All other actual qualification cards, i.e. GES 101, CPR, 1st aid, etc. (carried on person at all times)
SQTR, if UDF or Ground Team Level 3 trainee qualified), and working on tasks.
Ground and Urban Direction Finding Task Guide (The green book), if working on tasks.
Most items below can be found inexpensively at Walmart or Sportsman’s Warehouse (Hwy 60 and Greenfield Rd, next to Walmart)
2 quarts MIN (2 canteens or 1 Camelbak)
Pistol belt, to carry canteens (snap closure preferred)
Suspenders, to attach to pistol belt (optional)
Military magazine pouches, to attach to pistol belt and carry supplies (optional)
Canteen cup
Mess kit (w/ utensils)
Fire-starting kit (i. e. flint & steel, magnesium, dryer lint, matches and waterproof match container)
Lensatic or orienteering map (preferred) compass (liquid filled compasses tend to work better than air filled compasses)
Compass pouch (optional)
Signal mirror (GI issue preferred)
Folding pocket or utility knife (i.e. Leatherman) w/ blade not to exceed 4” (Swiss-army type preferred; no rambo knives, machetes, or kbars)
Small, personal first aid kit (for your own use, not an entire team)
Flashlight or headlamp with red/blue/white lenses (LED preferred)
Extra batteries
Whistle (durable, plastic preferred)
Pocket note pad (3" x 5"), pen and pencil
Inexpensive wristwatch (analog preferred)
50 ft. 550 paracord (at minimum)
1 pair heavy, leather work gloves
2 green chemical light sticks
2 large black plastic trash bags
Tarp, small, for shelter building
Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs), 1 set, complete with all required nametapes and patches, cutouts, and grade insignia in accordance with
CAPM 39-1, winter weight preferred, BDU cap or woodland camouflage boonie acceptable (your uniforms should be clean and neat
upon arrival)
Combat / Jungle boots (broken in before activity)
Hiking boots (If you do NOT have decent military boots)
PT clothes
Tennis shoes
Underclothes sufficient for 3 days; 6 pairs of socks (white, not general issue black)
Toilet kit, including: soap and toothbrush (in cases), toothpaste, deodorant/antiperspirant, items of feminine hygiene (as necessary),
insect repellent, chapstick, sunscreen, moleskin, liquid skin, toilet paper, shaving kit, etc.
Durable poncho - military preferred
Cold weather gear, including BDU jacket (with nametapes and insignias) or conservative civilian jacket, and black or navy blue
sweatshirt (without hood), long underwear (in case of weather change)
Night-time low temperatures are expected between 35-50 degrees. Every person is required to bring the following items:
Warm coat
Winter hat or knit hat
Warm gloves - ski or snow gloves recommended
Long underwear, tops and bottoms
Sweat pants
Long sleeve sweat shirt
Sack lunch for Friday evening meal
3 Clif bars or similar snack
MRE (use discretion) for Saturday meal
Money for McDonalds or similar meal
Comfortable backpack that you would be able to be carry for at least 6 miles with a full load. (Backpack with built-in hydration pack
preferred over web gear)
Sleeping bag and bedroll (the weather at this time of year may still be warm during the day, but consider that a rapid drop in temperature
at night is expected)
Tent for the first night
 Optional medium-sized duffel bag for tent, extra clothes, tennis shoes, and miscellaneous items. Don’t make it too heavy. You may have
to carry it for a while.
 Your backpack, including water and food, should not exceed 20-30 pounds. Your duffel bag should not exceed 10-15 pounds.
*** Items not specifically mentioned on this list may be subject to temporary confiscation (i.e. machetes, flammable materials
(other than fire starting equipment specified above), electronics, junk food, and weapons) and will be returned to the owner at
the end of the Adventure Weekend. A gear inspection will be held during the activity. If you are not sure if an item is allowed,
ask in advance or during gear check. ***