1 - Crater BIS

Just the Facts:
The Russian Revolution
1. The __________, organized after the 1905 revolution, was a body of elected officials
2. Known as the “Mad Monk”, _____________________ had come to have a heavy
influence of the Czarina and her family.
3. After Moscow fell into a state of anarchy and soldiers and policeman began to
mutiny, ____________________ was forced to abdicate the throne in 1917
4. The ________________________________________ resulted in the
establishment of the Provisional Government
5. ____________________ led the Provisional Government set up after Czar
6. ______________________ were the professional revolutionaries that led the
Communist takeover
7. Political philosophy of the Bolsheviks was known as _______________________
8. ______________________ was the leader of Bolsheviks and the Communist
9. The Bolsheviks were appealing to the Russian people because they promised
______________, ______________, and ______________.
10. The __________________ was made up of Armed factory workers that led
Bolshevik takeover.
11. Desperate to get out of World War I, the Russians signed the treaty of
12. ________________________ were the Counter-revolutionaries loyal to the Czar
13. The Communist secret police were known as the __________________________
14. After Lenin’s death, ________________________ became leader of the Soviet
15. Trotsky was assassinated in ______________________ after fleeing the Soviet
16. Poor farmer in the Soviet Union was known as a _______________________.
17. A wealthy peasant in the Soviet Union was known as a _____________________.
18. The communist set up _______________________, which were large,
government operated farms.
19. Councils of workers and soldiers known as _______________ were set up to help
run the country.
20. Under a ________________ ________________, the government controls all
aspects of business
21. Stalin’s economic policy that focused on building heavy industry and
transportation became known as his _____________ _____________ plan
22. The _________________________ was set up as an organization that sought to
spark an international (worldwide) communist revolution
23. The Bolsheviks renamed the country that was once Russia, calling it the
_____________ _____________, or USSR, meaning the _____________ of
_____________ _____________ _____________.
24. In general, the Provisional Government hoped to make the peasants __________
through hard work and opportunity in the new Russia.
25. In contrast, the Bolsheviks sought to make the rich __________ through
redistribution of their wealth.