Cultural Revolution Vocabulary Worksheet

Cultural Revolution Vocabulary Worksheet - Vocabulary
Match the following definitions to the vocabulary words below
1. It means member of a Communist party or movement_____________________
2. It means book of quotations by Chairman Mao______________________________
3. It means young people who supported the shake-ups during the Cultural
4. It means economic plan for rapid modernization China (1958)_____________________
5. It means middle or upper class_________________________________________________
6. It means drastic, far-reaching food shortage_____________________________
7. It means a memorable phrase used as a repetitive expression of an
8. It means a system of guaranteed lifetime employment in state
9. It means group of hardliners who played a dominant role during the cultural
10. It means legendary retreat of the Chinese Red Army in
11. It means communist army_____________________________________________
12. It means the class of industrial wage earners__________________________________
1. communist
6. famine
2. Little Red Book
7. slogan
3. Red Guards
8. The Iron Rice Bowl
4. The Great Leap Forward
9. The Gang of Four
5. bourgeoisie
10. The Long March
11. Red Army
Cultural Revolution Vocabulary Worksheet - Vocabulary
12. proletariat