Comparing Revolutions Think-Tac-Toe

Major Event of the Russian Revolution
Description: 1914 Russia enters the war because
of Czar Nicholas II’s sense of nationalism. This
was against what the people wanted bc the
country was too weak to enter the war.
Description: Soviet groups throughout Russia
form from the working class wanting a society
where everyone shares in equal wealth. The most
powerful of these is the Bolsheviks led by Lenin.
Description: His wife Alexandra is left in charge
of the government and women workers go on
strike and march because of working conditions.
This was the first revolution.
Description: Nicholas II is overthrown and must
step down. A provisional government is put into
place, but it keeps Russia in the war which the
people do no want.
Description: Bolsheviks make promises and
overthrow the provisional government seizing
power. This was the second revolution. They
rename themselves Communists.
Description:A civil war breaks out between
supporters of Lenin and the Communists (Reds)
and old supporters of Nicholas II (Whites).
Lenin wins, making Russia Communist with new
name-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics/USSR