1. Ideological Struggle
a. Soviet & Eastern Bloc Nations [“______________ _________________”]
i. Goal:
b. U.S. & the Western Democracies
i. Goal:
i. Espionage [________vs. _________]
ii. _________ ____________ [nuclear escalation]
iii. Ideological Competition for the minds and hearts of Third World peoples [Communist
govt. & command economy vs. democratic govt. & capitalist economy] “proxy wars”
iv. Bi-Polarization of Europe [NATO vs. Warsaw Pact]
Iron Curtain
a. Established ___________
b. Soviet satellite states in Eastern Europe develop as buffer
between Democracies of Western Europe
Truman Doctrine - ____________
a. Civil War in _________________.
b. Turkey under pressure from the ______________ for concessions in the Dardanelles.
c. The U. S. should support free peoples throughout the world who were resisting takeovers by
armed minorities or outside pressures…We must assist free peoples to work out their own
destinies in their own way.
d. The U.S. gave Greece & Turkey $___________ million in aid.
GOAL: CONTAIN ____________________
Marshall Plan - ______________
a. “European ________________ Program.”
b. Secretary of State, ____________________
c. The U. S. should provide aid to all European nations that need it. This move is not against any
country or doctrine, but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos.
d. $_________ billion of US aid to Western Europe extended to Eastern Europe & USSR, [but this
was rejected].
GOAL: Provide _______ ____ _________, to Prevent the spread of_________________.
Mao’s Revolution - ___________
a. _______________ take over in 1949.
b. Creates 2nd world power that is _______________________.
N_______________ A________________ T___________________ O_________________________ =
a. 16 nations - Western Europe & North America
7. Warsaw Pact -__________
a. 8 Nations – Soviet Satellite states in Eastern Europe
8. Cold War – Conflicts
a. Korean War -________ -__________
i. A divided Korea led to war, separated family members, and cost a million lives, including
______________ Americans.
ii. Created divided Korea: North (____________) South (______________)
b. Vietnam War -_________-__________
i. Three million people died in the Vietnam War, including ____________ Americans.
ii. Communist Supported North defeated Southern U.S. supported Vietnam
9. Sputnik - __________
a. First satellite in space
b. The Russians have beaten America in space—they have the technological edge!
10. Berlin Wall - __________
a. Divided the city into _____________ _______ Berlin and __________ (democratic) _________
b. Historic symbol of ________________
c. Taken down in ____________
11. Cuban Revolution
a. _________ ______________ led a communist takeover of Cuba.
b. Feared U.S. b/c of close proximity
c. U.S. attempted to remove Castro with the Bay of Pigs = __________
d. U.S. trained Cuban Refugees, failed do to U.S. not providing air support
12. Cuban Missile Crisis - __________
a. U.S. demanded Soviet _____________ missiles be removed from Cuba
b. Created a ____ day standoff between U.S. and U.S.S.R
c. Closest the World has ever come to Nuclear Warfare.
13. Nicaragua (_________)
a. Contra’s (U.S. Supported) vs. Sandinistas (Communist Supported)
b. Iran/ Contra Affair
14. Afghanistan (__________)
a. Soviet attempt to take over Afghanistan with communism & military
b. Defeated by Tribal Rebels (U.S. Supported)
15. El Salvador (__________)
a. Revolution between dictatorships and socialist backed guerillas.
b. U.S. supported military dictatorships
16. Factors that Led to COMMUNISM in CHINA
a. Japanese Imperialism
i. ___________ ____________ of Chinese cities and the economy by the Japanese invasion
during World War II
ii. Bayonetting practices
iii. Public ______________
iv. Live human dissections
b. Communist Revolution (______- _______)
i. A civil war between _____________ Communist Red Army and ____________ (Chiang Kaishek) national forces at the end of WWII
ii. _________ _________ supported the Red Army (_______)
iii. _______ supported the Nationalist Army (Chain Kai-shek)
c. Mao defeated the nationalists in _______
i. Established a Communist government on the mainland
ii. The ____________ retreated to Taiwan
iii. _____________ took over Tibet in 1950
d. Great Leap Forward, 1958
i. 5 year plan to __________ agriculture and industry
ii. Communes
1. groups of people who live & work together
2. property held in common
3. had ___________ ____________
iii. Failed due to poor quality of products & poor weather hurt agriculture
e. Communist China Under ___________
i. Designed to renew revolutionary spirit and establish a more __________ society
ii. Mao wanted to put “___________________” in their place
iii. Schools shut down & students revolted
iv. ___________ _________ – students who attacked professors, government officials,
factory managers
f. Communism Comparisons:
i. Soviet
ii. China