Hamlet Act 5 Questions

Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2 Questions
1. Whose grave is the Gravedigger digging?
2. What reason is given for Ophelia having a Christian burial?
3. What is foreshadowed in the scene in the graveyard?
4. Explain the Gravedigger’s answer to his own riddle.
5. Who is Yorick?
6. Why does the Doctor of Divinity refuse to perform a full funeral ceremony for
7. Why does Hamlet express such anger at Laertes’s display of grief?
8. Please explain what Hamlet is proposing in lines Act 5 Scene 1 192 – 211? (“Does
though think Alexander…” to “here comes the king.”)
9. What does Laertes do that angers Hamlet?
10. What is Hamlet's response to these actions of Laertes?