Hamlet In-Class Essay Topics

Hamlet In-Class Essay Topics
Please choose ONLY one of the following topics and write a short,
multi-paragraph essay on it. Be sure to give your essay a title, a
brief introduction, a brief conclusion, and 3 relevant quotes from the
text to support your ideas. As always, edit for clarity and mechanics.
You will be marked using the English 12 writing unit. Good luck!
1. In the early part of the play, we hear: “Something is rotten in
the state of Denmark.” How does the rest of the play either
prove or disprove this statement?
2. What is Hamlet’s attitude towards life and people? How does it
affect his actions?
3. Compare and contrast Hamlet with any ONE of the following:
Claudius, Fortinbras, or Laertes.
4. Is Hamlet mad? He does say that he will put on an antic
disposition, but is that as far as it goes? Some argue that it is
more than just an act. What do you think?
5. Does Hamlet really love Ophelia? He says he does, and he says
he doesn’t. What do you think?
6. Discuss the reasons for Hamlet’s delay in seeking revenge for his
father. What is your opinion regarding his procrastination?