Chapter Two Exploration

Chapter Two Exploration
Part One.
Complete the following in 5+ sentences unless otherwise
Define each of the key words found on page 53
Discuss in a sentence each the key people found on
page 53.
3. In what way was Egypt geographically isolated?
4. Describe why the Nile was a prime location for a
civilization to grow. Draw and label a small version
of the map found on page 53—include
5. What role did the Mediterranean Sea play in the
development of Egyptian Civilization and the later
spread of Egyptian culture.
6. What was the Old Kingdom? In what ways are the
pyramids symbolic of this periods wealth and
7. What does it mean to be deified? Why was this
done for Imhotep?
8. What events/social upheavals (or changes) defined
the Middle Kingdom era?
9. What lasting impact did the Hyksos have on Egypt?
10. Why is trade important to Egypt? Beside material
wealth what else did Egypt gain?
11. How did being linked to the gods enhance and
solidify a king’s authority?
12. Discuss in two paragraphs the legal tradition of
13. Why was the Egyptian economy food based (not
based on the gold standard like ours)?
14. Complete # 2 and 3 on page 63.
15. Discuss the role of these five leaders in the creation
(and expansion) of the New Kingdom: Hatshepsut,
Tuthmosis III, Akhenaton, Tutankhamun and Ramses II
in a page
16. Explain Egyptian beliefs about life and the afterlife
and how those grew and changed as Egypt
Part Two.
17. Why do you think that Egyptian funerals were so
elaborate? What societal role did they fulfill?
18. Answer question 3 on page 74
19. In 1/2 a page discuss the role of Art in Egyptian
20. Discuss family life and the roles of women and men
in it in ¾ of a page.
21. How did clothing and adornment serve as a way of
delineating between the levels of society?
22. Egypt was one of the first to formalize education,
explain why it was so important in the advancement
of their culture and society.
23. How did hieroglyphics function?
24. Explain in ½ a page the lasting impact that Egypt
had on the modern world.