Writing Rubric-Biographical Narrative

Writing Rubric-Biographical Narrative-The Odyssey
0=off topic/no evidence
1=minimal evidence of proficiency
2=some evidence of proficiency, but weak
3=developing proficiency
Content and Organization
5=exceeding expectations
______ HOOK AND INTRODUCTION: The introduction captures the reader’s interest
(i.e. HOOK) and briefly introduces the subject (2-3 sentences) of the essay.
______FOCUS: The writer establishes a specific central idea about the topic.
______UNITY: Individual paragraphs and the writing as a whole are focused on the
controlling idea.
______STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION: Effectively organizes the writing as a
whole and each paragraph according to its purpose.
______COHERENCE AND TRANSITIONS: Leads the reader through ideas and support
in an orderly and engaging way.
______CONTENT QUALITY: Presents meaningful ideas in an interesting and engaging
way that aligns with the epic hero genre.
______ELABORATION: Thoroughly explains and supports ideas with relevant and
specific information (sensory details and figurative language).
______READER ENGAGEMENT: Fully engages the reader with an individual voice
and style. The tone is consistent.
______WORD & SENTENCE CHOICE: Words are precise and effective. Sentences are
varied and flow together effectively and there is little to no repetition of key words.
______ TEXTUAL APPLICATION: Narrative is consistently and accurately applied to
text of The Odyssey.
______GRAMMAR & USAGE: The writer uses an appropriate level of conventions
such as grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
______ EXTRAS: Proper length, typed, MLA style
______/72 TOTAL
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