Assignment 7

MSE 478-578
Scientific Communication in Materials Science & Engineering
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
Fall 2014/Bill Knowlton
Assignment 7
I. Due Monday, 10/27/14
Provide your PI an outline of your Results section for your study/project that includes:
• Written outline
• Graphical outline
• Figures and complete figure captions
o Figure captions must:
 Stand alone
 Guide the reader through the figure
 Discuss what you want the reader to know about the figure – Discuss trends
 Be compelling
 At least three sentences.
 If multiple curves or data or fit, must identify each using legend, arrows pointing to, or
encircle and with text
II. Due Monday, 11/3/14, before class:
Provide your PI a written rough draft of your Results section for your study.
NOTE: For assignments:
• Please name your file: “FirstName LastName Assignment# Course & # year.file type”
• Please include the assignment request/question in your email to your PI so that the PI is aware of the assignment