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Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 00:09:28 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: recap of primary issues before Conference call on 4th
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dear sabita, please remove the hold from jupiter academy for consideration for support. i and
mahesh went and spoke to sandeep bhatnagar and he has clarified that even though the VHP
had offered him a post he did not accept it. he has also clarified that in the past he was
associated with RSS but has now dissociated himself from them. this, i think, puts us in a more
comfortable position to deal with him. hence, his project should now be considered for support. so
far as his work is considered we have always held it in high regard.
Earlier msg 8/26/03
dear dp and amit, we'll have to go slow on the jupiter academy project as we have discovered
some days back that sandeep bhatnagar, the person who runs this project is also a VHP office
bearer. although, we have no problems with him or the way he runs his project but our bad
experience with some RSS associated people in the past or the known fact that people belonging
to right wing hindu organizations deliberately infiltrate other organizations to cause damage to
them, we would like to be cautious. the asha lalpur-natpurwa team feels that asha should not
work with any person associated with any communal organization.
however, we are continuing to provide support to sandeep bhatnagar's initative at the local level.
we are going to take up this issue in our meeting on 31st august-1st sept. at ballia.
love, sandeep