AER Louisiana

AER Louisiana Board members are:
President: Barry McDaniel, [email protected]
President-Elect: Blanche Faulk, [email protected]
Secretary: Tyrhonda Thomas White, [email protected]
Treasurer: Eric Mills, [email protected]
Past President: Lynn Blanchard, [email protected]
Board Member-at-Large: Mary Lasiter, [email protected]
Rehabilitation Representative
Board Member-at-Large: Rhonda Riley, [email protected]
Education Representative
How Your Chapter Works
Each AER Chapter elects a slate of officers to guide the chapter programs,
manage the finances, and make decisions that best represent the vision
professionals in the chapter. The Louisiana Chapter’s mission is to provide
the vision professionals residing or working in Louisiana opportunities for
professional growth, networking, continuing education, and camaraderie
through newsletter, meetings, and conferences, and electronic
Get Involved
Contact any of the Chapter Officers to become involved in chapter activities
and committees. Your participation is essential to the strength of the
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