Create a Flip Book to Illustrate Earth's Landforms

Create a Flip Book to Illustrate Earth’s Land Features
Due ________________________
Throughout this week you will be expected to use the information that you learn about the
Earth’s land features to construct a flip book. I recommend that you focus your attention on the
notes that you have recorded in your science journal, pages C34-C37 in your purple and yellow
Science book, and pages 236-239 in the Science book in class. Remember to use your time wisely! If
you follow the guidelines listed below, you are sure to create a marvelous book for you and your
*Remember to bring your project folder to and from school each day. I will give you some time
during the school day to work on your project, but the majority of the project should be completed at
Procedures for completing your Flip Book:
1. First, you will need to decide how your flip book will be constructed. Once you decide
how your book will look, feel free to use classroom materials to help you design your project.
(Ideas: Construction paper, poster paper, white typing paper, cloth, etc.)
2. Get your supplies ready to make the book. You will need to have 10 pages in your book.
(Front and Back Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Volcano page, Mountain page, Valley
page, Canyon page, Cavern page, and Island page).
3. Decide how you want to bind your book. (Ideas: Staples, punch holes and use ribbon,
glue, brads, etc.) Connect the 10 pages with your choice of binding materials.
4. You should now have something that resembles a book. Your mission now is to complete
the process and create your masterpiece.
5. You will need to illustrate each of the six features. Start on the 4th page, with the Volcano
drawing neatly in the center. Make sure that you leave room above the picture for a title
and below the picture for a one sentence description.) Repeat this process for the other
illustrations. (Mountain-5th page, Valley – 6th page, Canyon – 7th page, Cavern-8th page,
Island-9th page)
6. Remember that each page should have a title, so make sure that you include them
above each of your pictures. Don’t forget that the first letter in each word of a title should
be capitalized.
7. Cover of your book: Please be creative as you are designing the cover of your flip book.
Include a Title, Illustrator, and an Illustration to invite readers to pick up your book.
8. Design your Title Page. Include your title, illustrator, and an illustration.
9. Design your Table of Contents. (Make sure you include correct page numbers.)
10. Check over your final product to make sure that you have completed all of the