Due Date: Friday, August 10, 2012
To make the flip book:
1. You will take 9 sheets of different colored paper (I have provided some, or you can find some on
your own.) You do not need to use whole sheets of paper. If you cut them in half as I did someone
else can use the other half of your paper.
2. Put the pages in a pile. Cut each one out so that it sticks out slightly below the page above it. See
picture below. You can make yours go vertical or horizontal- it’s up to you, but make sure that it
will fit in your binder.
3. Create a secure the “binding” with 1-2 staples at the top.
4. On the tabs that stick out, write the names of the parts of speech (see list below).
5. On each page, write a definition of the part of speech, which you can easily find online, give an
example of each and if you can draw a small illustration.
6. Make a front cover with a title (something more original than just “Parts of Speech”) and decorate
with appropriate pictures and colors.
7. Write your name on the back, three hole punch and put in the front of your binder as shown
1. cover
2. noun
3. verb
4. prounoun
5. adjective
6. adverb
7. preposition
8. conjunction
9. interjection
Neatness counts! Flip books that appear to be falling apart will not be accepted.
Enjoy this, and make it something that you can use in future years.