Spanish-American War Project

Spanish-American War Project
Page 347 in textbook
Objective: In this partner project you will learn about the people and events that form the SpanishAmerican War. This was a very short war, but one that had quite a role in our quest to becoming a
global power.
Instructions: To understand what happened, you must do the following:
 Write an explanation/summary using your book for each of the events listed below ON A
SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER. Be sure to include the date on your summaries. Your
explanations should be detailed enough that someone could pick it up and understand the whole
Spanish-American War. Tell a story!
 After completing the description, you will complete an illustrated flip book on small sheets of
 Each event in the flip book must include the title AND picture.
 You don’t have to be an excellent artist! All you can do is try your very best! I like stick figures!
 You will turn in your description of each event along with the flip book.
 This is due on Thursday, October 20 at the end of class and is worth 50 points (date and
description page will be 3 points per event and the picture and title in the flip book will be 2 points
 I will not accept projects after MONDAY, October 24th! Late projects will lose 5 points.
1.) Cubans Rise in Revolt Against Spain (
2.) General Weyler Puts Cubans in Concentration Camps (
3.) The DeLome Letter (
4.) The Maine Explodes (
5.) Congress Declares War (
6.) Dewey Attacks the Spanish Fleet (
7.) American Troops Join Aguinaldo’s Filipino Rebels (
8.) Battle of San Juan Hill (
9.) Puerto Rico Invaded (
10.) Treaty of Paris Signed/Ratified (