Endocrine Exam Review

Anatomy & Physiology
Endocrine Exam Review
25 Multiple Choice and 2 Written Response
Know the similarities and differences of the endocrine and nervous system.
Hormone concentrations are usually regulated by what feedback mechanism?
What organ does the hypothalamus directly influence?
What is the endocrine organ that influences many of the other endocrine organs?
Know the function of the following hormones…they will either be increase/decrease of
blood calcium, increase/decrease of urine formation, increase/decrease of blood
glucose levels, increase/decrease of blood potassium levels, or stimulate milk
a. Aldosterone
b. Antidiuretic hormone
c. Calcitonin
d. Glucagon
e. Insulin
f. Oxytocin
g. Parathyroid hormone
h. Prolactin
6. What is the enlargement of the thyroid called?
7. Know the difference between hormonal/humoral/neural stimuli.
8. Label all the endocrine organs below.
Anatomy & Physiology
Endocrine Exam Review
Be able to answer any two questions below.
Compare short-term and long-term stress responses (organs involved, hormones released, overall function
of response).
2. Compare the mechanism of action of steroid (lipid-soluble) and amino acid (lipid-insoluble) hormones.
Why is there mechanism of action different?
3. Compare two hormones that have antagonistic effects. Identify the organs involved, hormones released,
and overall effect of hormones.