Endocrine/Reproduction/Genetics Study Guide

Endocrine/Reproduction Study Guide
Review your quizzes!
Differentiate between exocrine/endocrine glands and describe what products are produced and
where they are secreted.
Describe how endocrine reflexes are controlled
Humoral control
Hormonal control
Neural control
Describe the functional differences between lipid hormones and protein hormones; 2 nd messenger
system or direct gene activation; enter cell membrane or not.
Tropic Hormones function by:
Difference between hyper- and hypo- secretion?
What is the “Master Gland” of the body? Why is it called this?
Identify these major endocrine organs of the body (location) and what hormone(s) they produce.
 Adrenal
 Pancreas
 Thyroid
 Thymus
 Pineal
What is the name of the temporary endocrine organ present periodically in women? What is the
purpose of this temporary gland?
Be able to label both male and female reproductive system structures AND describe their functions.
What is the proper term for sperm production? Egg production? What type of cell division is
necessary to achieve the correct amount of DNA?
What is an ectopic pregnancy?
Where should fertilization occur? Implantation?
Know the cause/description of the STD’s covered in the powerpoint. Don’t focus on stats!