Questions for the Greek Readings and Videos

Class Activity – Ancient Greece
The PBS Nova Secrets of the Parthenon is free to watch online and is about 55 mins
long. It’s a great resource for explaining contemporary conservation methods, and the
Greek’s obsession with proportionality, beauty, and its source in the human body.
Set the film for homework, or watch excerpts in class as part of a longer investigation of
Greek art and architecture.
Questions for “The Secrets of the Parthenon”
1. What was the Parthenon used for?
2. What role did the Salamis Stone play in the story of the building of the Parthenon?
3. What is the process of reconstruction of the Parthenon? In your opinion, is the
reconstruction of the Parthenon worth the estimated $100 million it has already
4. Bonus: What is the narrative of the Centaur and the Lapith, and how did it mirror
contemporary Greek experience in the 5th century BCE? (See MacGregor