SEPT 28, 2015 Edition
October 1: Field Trip to
The Parthenon
(Remember Sack Lunch!)
October 5-12: Fall BreakNo School
October 13: Beginning of
2nd Nine Weeks
October 19: Report Cards
November 3: Parent
Teacher Conferences
TESTS this week!
Friday we will have a Social Studies test, Spelling
and Vocab test with Parthenon info, and double
digit multiplication test. Be sure to study!
Homework: Read Every Night
Math Homework each night is due the following
day! All other assignments due on Friday!~
Monday – 1) Begin Writing Assignment
2) Math Page – Turn in on Tuesday
Writing Prompt!
Greek and Roman mythology are filled with strange
creatures like the Hydra, the Minotaur, Cerberus, and
many others. Invent your own mythological creature,
and write a paragraph about it. Describe it using
specific details and why it exists. (For example: to
Include at least 10 (4th grader) sentences and be sure to
indent the first sentence. Write in your best
handwriting! Be prepared to share it Friday!
Tuesday- 1) Math Page Turn in on Wednesday
2) Writing Assignment
3) Write Vocab Words in a Sentence
Wednesday- 1) Math Page Turn in on Thursday
2) Practice Spelling Test
3) Writing Assignment
4)Study Social Studies Study Guide
Thursday- 1) Complete Writing Assignment Read out LOUD to 2 people & have them sign it!
2) Write missed spelling words 5 times
3) Study Social Studies Study Guide
Friday- 1) Sign Planner!
Preparing for The Parthenon
This week students will continue learning about
Greek Mythology as we prepare for our field trip
to the Parthenon. We will also be learning about
Athens, Greece along with some mathematical
problems about the structure of the Parthenon.
Word Study: Spelling words for this week
are also our vocabulary words:
Vocabulary Words:
Greece– a country in southeastern Europe,
considered the birthplace of western civilization
Parthenon – the temple of Athena on the
Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom,
handicrafts, and warfare
Athens –capital city of Greece; largest city in
Greece; center for academics
Tennessee– the 16th state admitted into the U.S.A.,
located in the southeast region
Nashville – capital city of Tennessee; location of
many higher education institutions (universities)
mythology – traditional stories about gods or
heroes belonging to one country or culture
No Homework =
Not so Fun Friday
___Writing Prompt
___ Vocab Sentences
____ Math Page(each day)
___ Practice Spelling Test
w/ missed words 5x’s