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VIP’s Of Ancient Greece
Herodotus – “Father of History,” first to
write down accurate accounts of events i.e.
the Persian Wars in “The Histories,” very
biased though
Thucydides – “Father of Scientific
History,” due to his non-biased, factual
accounts. Wrote the “History of the
Peloponnesian War”
Hippocrates – “Father of Medicine,” Based
his practices on observations rather than
“magic.” Doctors today still take the
“Hippocratic Oath” before becoming
Pythagoras – “Father of Numbers,” his
Pythagorean Theorem is still used today.
Archimedes – Famous mathematician and
scientist, discovered the law of physics for
buoyancy in his bathtub, jumped up yelling
“eureka” which means “I found it” in Greek.
A body displaces its own weight in water to
Pericles – Famous military and political
leader of Athens during the Golden Age.
Responsible for rebuilding the Parthenon
and refining the Athenian democratic
Phidias – Famous Greek sculptor who built
the statue of Athena in the Parthenon, the
Frieze on the Parthenon, as well as the statue
of Zeus at Olympia.
Aeschylus – Considered father of Greek
Tragedy. First to use more than one actor,
making dialogue and action possible.
Socrates- Famous Greek philosopher who
taught his students to point out weaknesses
in government, and people’s beliefs. His
enemies tried him for impiety and sentenced
him to death. Created the Socratic method
of teaching that is still used today.
Plato – Socrates’ most famous student.
Founded a world famous school that lasted
far beyond his death.
Aristotle – Studied under Plato, and created
his own school. Wound up acting as a
private tutor for Alexander the Great of
Macedonia before also being accused of
impiety and fleeing.