Parthenon Metope 31

Parthenon Metope 31
By Patrick O’Kane
Found on the south side of the Parthenon.
Created between 447 – 432 BC
1.33m tall
Made from pentelic marble.
High relief carving.
Depicts part of a fight between Centaurs and Lapiths
at feast. This is known as the Centuaromachy.
 Originally painted.
 Rearing centaur is about the punch the Lapith.
 Right leg of the Lapith is entangled with the right
foreleg of the centaur.
 Centaur’s muscles react to the twisting of his body
and the movement of its arms.
 Both have fairly idealistic bodies and muscles.
More details
 Centaur’s face is described as being similar to a
theatrical mask used in Greek plays.
 Likely to improve contrast between the barbaric
centaurs and the civilised men.
 Both share similar poses but with slight differences.
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